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Best in Class Care makes accessing great health care at a great price as simple as it should be.

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Best in Class Care makes health care so easy by bringing all your needs into one single place.

  • Doctor visits

    Build out Primary Care access for preventive and ongoing care.

  • Care Concierge

    Someone is always there to navigate your journey, assist in all your questions, and provide comfort that should be synonymous with healthcare.

  • Prescriptions

    Affordable negotiated rates for generics, brands, and specialty drugs with full transparency.

  • Telehealth

    When seeing your primary care doctor isn’t convenient or necessary, just pick up the phone.

  • Hospital Finder

    Searching and selecting the right hospital is no longer a challenge with our directory of high quality, low cost hospital partners.

  • Behavioral Health

    In trying times, our licensed professionals are there to help get you through.

This is just a sampling of our benefits. There are endless benefits to choose from and we’re constantly adding more!

We’re a one-of-a-kind healthcare company that delivers:

  • Transparency

    You’ll always know how much it costs before you buy. No more hidden fees!

  • Skilled Support

    Our qualified team is here to be your advocate and take the healthcare journey with you.

  • Simplified payment

    For too long, it’s been needlessly burdensome to offer great benefits. Best in Class Care reduces administrative burden and expenses.

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We have four distinct offerings to meet your specific needs.

Getting the proper healthcare is not one size fits all. That’s why our customers tailor each offering to their needs and eliminate unnecessary costs and confusion.

We believe that getting healthcare should be as easy as buying any product online. And now it is.

  • Marketplace

    Our contracted networks provide bundled transparent prices with no surprise billing for hundreds of procedures.. Easy to shop and no strings attached.

  • Boutique

    No matter where you live, if you make less than a certain amount and don’t have insurance, we have a plan that will provide reduced or even free care when needed…. its the law!

    This is not an ACA compliant insurance.

  • Fairparency

    Coming soon! Hospitals across the nation are now required to publish their prices.. we have gathered them in our platform and rated them for competitiveness.

  • Executive

    Coming soon! If you don’t qualify for our Boutique offering .. don’t worry our Executive offering will be right for you. Time to get rid of the large insurance legacy products and pay for only what you need.

  • Forecast savings

    Gone are the days of only finding out what you owe after receiving care. With the Best in Class Care savings calculator forecasting is easy.

  • HIPAA-secure communication

    We take privacy serious and our technology is designed to guarantee we remain HIPAA compliant.

  • Bundled medical services

    Through our efficient direct contracting software, providers are able to price procedures so you only see one price and a listing of what is included.

You design your own plan.

Have a seat at the design table where you build a plan that works for you. There is no “behind the scenes.”

We’ve created a shopping cart experience where you pick and choose exactly what you want and don’t want. Decide what you need, how many you want, and get a price instantly.

Wanna learn more? Start your new healthcare journey here.

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  • Telehealth

    Give employees access to care from the comfort of their home.

  • Direct Primary Care

    Primary Care access for preventive and ongoing care.

  • Hospital Finder

    Our team has already selected hospitals with the right prices for you.

  • Care Concierge

    Offer employees patient-centered care with unlimited access.

  • Prescription Discounts

    We make sure you get the best prescription prices available.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Give us 30 minutes and we’ll show you why we have satisfied customers.

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  • Satisfied patient

    After repeatedly asking my healthcare plan what a procedure was going to cost me and getting no answers, I found Best in Class Care an elegant way to manage my cost and expectations.

  • Uninsured patient

    I could never afford the health insurance my employer offered, but now have more than I could have imagined with Boutique.

  • Satisfied patient

    I was one of the first members to experience Best in Class Care. I received first rate shoulder reconstruction surgery. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone with an eye for savings.

  • CEO, Healthcare System

    Best in Class Care provides an elegant platform for providers to easily compete in a multi-sided market place.

Why Best in Class Care?

We know you have choices, so here’s a few things that set us apart from the rest.

  • Quality Provider Network

    Expanded choice of healthcare providers that are not afraid to tell you the cost up front.

  • Direct Contracting

    Eliminate hidden, unnecessary costs and go direct. Know before you buy.

  • Familiar Consumer Experience

    It’s easy for your employees to shop for medical services and prescription drugs.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Know how much it costs before you buy.

  • On-demand Analtyics

    Always know how much money you’ve saved in real time.

    With our real-time, on-demand analytics, you’re never in the dark about how Best in Class Care is working for you.

  • AI that works for you

    Machine learning to simplify the experience.

    Our goal is to make buying health services as easy as buying an airline ticket.

  • Always one step ahead

    Using the most current technology to better the human condition.

    Our team of seasoned developers are continuously exploring new technologies so our products are always leading edge with a human touch.

Who we serve.

This is for anyone who feels confused, dissatisfied, or overcharged for health care. In other words: just about everyone. We believe in the old adage “consumers correct all markets”.

Learn why Best in Class Care works for:

  • Employers

    We offer a healthcare benefit that empowers your employees to choose the plan that is right for them while reducing your overall spend and eliminating the headache of finding a one-size-fits-most solution.

  • Employees

    Find health care that fits your needs and your budget.

  • Brokers

    Stand out from the pack. Use our tools to build your own network or expand the market for your existing negotiated rates to increase your profitability.

  • Providers

    Simplify your administrative processes. Set your price and get paid quickly.

  • Consumers

    Coming soon! Fair and transparent healthcare pricing that is far less than your traditional insurance.

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Here are some of the most common questions we’ve received over the years. Still need answers? Call our toll-free number anytime to speak with a real human.

See all FAQs
  • Will Care Concierge help me with medical decisions or make recommendations about my care?

    The Care Concierge is not a health care provider, so while they are not authorized to provide guidance on medical decisions, they are always available to answer your non-medical questions and facilitate communication between you and your health care provider. 

  • What is Best in Class Care?

    Best in Class Care was born of the idea that everyone has a right to great healthcare. That you should have direct access to the information and resources you need to help yourself, or your employees and their dependents get the care they need. And that where a person lives or what they earn shouldn’t limit the quality of care they get.