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  • Boutique

    • Do I have to Participate in an Employer Offering?

      Boutique is a no-cost offering, but Employees are not required to utilize it. However, if individuals change their mind, there is no “enrollment” window to wait for. Employees can contact their Employer or Care Concierge anytime.  

    • How Do I Enroll?

      If Boutique is offered via an employer, look for the communications that will provide individuals with information about enrollment and eligibility.  

      Best in Class Care also offers individual direct-to-consumer enrollment, too. For individuals who wish to enroll in an individual plan, visit our plan-builder to customize and sign up.  

    • What if I want medical care that has not been deemed medically necessary?

      Members of Boutique will always have access to the Best in Class Care Marketplace, where Consumers can search, select, and book a wide range of medical services via our domestic and global networks, with a Care Concierge to help with everything from scheduling to booking travel and accommodations.  

    • What if my provider recommends medically necessary specialty care?

      If you receive a referral from your Direct Primary Care provider for medically necessary specialty care such as diagnostic imaging, orthopedic care, or general surgery, your Care Concierge can help you find and schedule your medically necessary care at a local Care Center. In most cases, medically necessary care should be offered to you with very low or even no out of pocket cost. 

    • How Are Medical Emergencies Handled?

      In the event of an emergency, individuals should dial 9-1-1 or go straight to the Emergency Department at closest hospital. Care Concierge can assist with filing the necessary paperwork to help reduce or even eliminate costs associated with ER visits post-discharge.  

    • Is a Card Required?

      No card is needed for access to the other services like Primary Care Visits or calls to a Care Concierge. Whenever a Member needs healthcare-related assistance like seeing a doctor or scheduling a virtual care visit, it’s all just one tap away using our secure site! 

    • Do I have to see a specific provider?

      Boutique includes primary care services via a provider and Care Center network set by your Employer and/or Benefits Administrator. To learn more about the provider(s) and primary care services available with your Boutique plan, go over to your Consumer home page to see more information about the Direct Primary Care benefit.

    • Is This Insurance?

      Boutique is not an insurance plan. It does not replace the benefits afforded by a major medical plan. Boutique can connect individuals with many of the services a major medical plan offers with certain limitations, such as a select number of office visits and a specific provider or Care Center network.

    • What is Boutique?

      True to its name, Boutique is an offering tailored to individual needs to help ensure access to high quality healthcare, even if they are not a member of a major medical insurance plan. Members of Boutique can have access to a select number of in-office primary care visits, an annual wellness exam, virtual care visits, prescription drug discounts, secure communication access to Care Concierge support, and more.

  • Care Concierge

    • Will Care Concierge help me with booking appointments, and if I am traveling for my care, will they help with travel arrangements?

      Care Concierge is available to assist with searching, selecting, and booking your travel arrangements, as applicable to your plan. Your plan benefits cover services performed by providers in the Best in Class Care network. In some cases, the Care Concierge may be able to complete the booking of your travel and accommodations arrangements on your behalf.  

    • Will Care Concierge help me with medical decisions or make recommendations about my care?

      The Care Concierge is not a health care provider, so while they are not authorized to provide guidance on medical decisions, they are always available to answer your non-medical questions and facilitate communication between you and your health care provider. 

    • How do I contact Care Concierge?

      To speak with a friendly, local member of your Concierge Team, simply sign into your account and you’ll be able to view the contact options for your Care Concierge and connect directly from there.  

    • What is a Care Concierge?

      Your Care Concierge are standing by to assist you to maximize your access to high-quality, affordable healthcare and all of the benefits Best in Class Care offers. For example, your Care Concierge can help you schedule visits for primary or specialty care, access and order standard or specialty prescriptions, or plan your next procedure including travel and accommodations. In addition, Care Concierge are experts at knowing your financial rights and can help reduce or eliminate any out-of-pocket costs you might have for medical care.  

  • General

    • I am not receiving communication alert emails from Best in Class Care. What do I do?

      You should receive an automated email within 10 minutes of your initial registration asking you to verify your email address, in order to receive communication alerts. If you do not find this message in your email inbox, check your junk or spam folder, and be sure to add Best in Class Care to your “safe senders” list. If you did not receive a confirmation email after registration, or you cannot find your confirmation email, please contact your Care Concierge for assistance.

    • How Will Best in Class Care Keep My Information Secure?

      Our registration and enrollment websites, as well as the entire platform Best in Class Care and all of its associated product offerings is built on, is HIPAA-secure and using industry best practices for information security. We will only ask for information that is specifically needed in order to assist you, when it is needed. You can access the most current Privacy Policy and site Terms and Conditions anytime.

    • What is Best in Class Care?

      Best in Class Care was born of the idea that everyone has a right to great healthcare. That you should have direct access to the information and resources you need to help yourself, or your employees and their dependents get the care they need. And that where a person lives or what they earn shouldn’t limit the quality of care they get.

  • Marketplace

    • How do I search and build a package for my medical care?

      Select the “Marketplace” icon in your Consumer home page to search for a procedure. We are continuously adding medical services and Centers of Care to our network, so if you still get no results or very limited results, please contact the Care Concierge.

    • How are the Care Centers and Providers Selected?

      The Care Centers in our networks are required to provide us with honest and accurate descriptions of their facilities and profiles of their Providers. We in turn, make this information available to you as a supplement to any other research you may undertake when determining a Care Center and Provider that is best suited to you and your needs. 

    • What is Marketplace?

      Marketplace is a new name for our original flagship service, connecting Consumers with a curated networks (both domestic and global) of Care Centers and Providers, offering high-quality medical services, at transparent and affordable prices.  

We make accessing great health care at a great price as simple as it should be.

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